We are Apache

Professional eSports and media company


We are Apache. A fast growing professional eSports and media company with goals to both popularize eSports in new and exciting ways, and also, to train the next generation of professional players. Founded in April of 2017, Apache has competed in many popular tournaments such as Curse Trials and the Rainbow Six US Nationals.

Our Team of highly motivated managers, team leaders, players, and community members have all made us what we are today. We have fought and continue to fight against all opposition, fly over every hurdle, and will stop at nothing to make it to the top. We are Apache, and we will be the best.


Our Focus

Our players do more than just compete. They practice day in and day out to become the best they can be. Our primary focus is to provide everything our players need to succeed in the eSports industry.

  • Providing specialized coaching to build individual abilities
  • Building healthy team environments to promote group communication
  • Ensuring that players work hard to be the best they can be
  • Assisting players with problems both inside and outside the game