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About Us

Apache eSports, founded in the April of 2017, is a quickly growing professional eSports organization and media company. In today’s emerging eSports industry, Apache eSports has two goals. The first is to host, support, and popularize professional-grade teams across many major eSports titles. The second is to bring together a large and welcoming gaming community that easily connects players and fans. By use of our unique multi-title management system and through the help our skilled creators division, we have and will continue to achieve these goals.

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  • HT Co-CEO HT
  • Renjii LoL Manager Renjii
  • BadlySuper Fortnite Manager BadlySuper
  • Open Position PUBG Manager Open Position
  • Open Position Rocket League Manager Open Position
  • Oboloz WoW Manager Oboloz
  • Ty Rainbow Six Manager Ty
  • Zach Co-CEO Zach
  • Steve Twitch Director Steve
  • Chef Community Manager Chef
  • Bousquet Social Media Director Bousquet
  • Enspyrr YouTube Director Enspyrr

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