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Hey all! We have a huge update for you today. As you can probably tell, we have a new website! It has been a long time coming, with our previous website not looking to part and not including all the features we needed. Now, with our new site we have the ability to do things like post updates/announcements, recent games, show our awesome sponsors, and much more! Alongside the site, we are also releasing an Apache League of Legends team. This new team (formally Pigz eSports) will be lead and managed by KlutchS. Additionally, over the next week or two, we will be releasing a new program for all of our creators out there who need a place to build up a following.

Sponsor Update: We recently acquired 4 new sponsors! You can take a look at them here!

We are very excited to bring awesome new content to the community and look forward to releasing more teams and programs in the future.


– HT on behalf of Apache eSports Leadership

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